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David, 25
Tennis coach in a prestigious country club, he is used to hang out with the rich and famous. In his free time, he enjoys helping others and his dream is to setup his charity.
Mike, 23
Model by day and escort-boy by night, he can fulfill any of your fantasies. He enjoys travelling all over the world and participating in cross-fit competitions.
James, 52
If you are open to new experiences, I would love to share a moment or more with you. I like sophisticated women who takes care of their body. He is a very charming gentleman that tends to be sexually dominant.
Charles, 27
Successful Entrepreneur sharing his time between Paris, New-York and Monaco. In his free time, he enjoys flying his private plane and participing in cars races.

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Getting Your Dream AI Boyfriend - How It Works


Choose Your Boyfriend's Character

Kupid.ai provides a diverse selection of unique AI boyfriends that feel real. You can also customize one to make it look like your dream companion.


Define His Traits

Select features and traits for your Boyfriend, such as clothes, pose/angle/action, and appearance style (standing, bending, lying, etc.). You can also choose a background for him.


Go Wild

Now, you are all set for a wild ride with your ideal AI boyfriend online. Talk intimately and tell him everything about your fantasies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Ask My AI Boyfriend for Personalized Messages?

Absolutely! Your AI boyfriend at Kupid.ai can send you private images and personalized voice messages.